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Welcome to the realm of Allied. We are a group of people in the game Perfect world international.... We now have a guild in Jade Dynasty

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 Races/Intro to PWI

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PostSubject: Races/Intro to PWI   Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:07 am

Note:this is just a preview on the classes I will go into detail on each of the races in a separate topic later.

Humans: Humans are the primary race in the northern realms of Pangu, with the main settlement being the city of Etherblade (Sword City). Humans have no innate abilities, but fly with the aid of magical weapons. Players choosing a Human character can pick between the melee-oriented blademaster class, or the mage-type wizard class. The human race receives a flying sword at level 30 which allows them to fly.
Blademasters: can use a variety of melee weapons, including swords, spears, hammers, fists and axes. Blademasters are rounded characters that are nonetheless able to perform in the role of a tank by enhancing their physical defence. Blademasters usually act as a secondary tank, backing up the Barbarian primary tank.
Wizards: function as nukers, using a variety of elemental spells to deal a large amount of damage. Wizards have very low physical defense but they do have a strong elemental defense.

Winged Elves: The Winged Elves live mainly in the southern areas of Pangu, and in their chief/capital City of Plume (Feather City). Winged Elf characters are distinguished by a small pair of wings on their heads, and all Winged Elf characters can fly from the very beginning of the game. Characters of this race can chose to be an Archer or a Cleric.
Archers are ranged characters using bows, crossbows and slingshots. Archers excel at doing damage at distance, but struggle with close combat due to damage penalties and weak defense.
Clerics fulfill the traditional role of party healer, providing party buffs but also have good combat abilities along with a strong elemental defense.

Untamed: Untamed are human/beast hybrids living in the west of Pangu and in their chief/capital Lost City (Beast City). Untamed characters can transform into animals, and can use flying beasts at Level 30. The Untamed classes are Barbarian and Venomancer. There have been many arguments residing on the transformations of them; for example, Panda barbarian should thus turn into a panda. But the untamed are based of the Chinese mythological were-beast,, which the male form was a White tiger, and the Were-fox was the female variant.
Barbarians are designed to act as the party tank, with a high amount of hit points and skills that enhance their ability to absorb damage. Barbarians have a high physical defense but have an very low resistance to elemental attacks. The barbarian's avatar must be male.
Venomancers use an array of element spells but very strong with poison magics. Their key ability in PvE is taming and using pets in battle, and hunting too. Especially for luring and tanking. While in PvP situations their main role is to debuff and to use high-damage pets to attack. Due to their ability to tame pets, Venomancers are able to solo better than any other class. They are characterized by a pair of animal ears and a tail. The Venomancer's avatar must be female.

Tideborn: Tideborn are born from the depths of the seas. They are part of the Perfect World expansion set to debut in Winter of 2009. Therefore there is a lack of information to be seen for this race.
Assassin primarily focus on close quarter, physical damage, this breed of Tideborn wears light armor, and is more agile than Blademasters and Barbarians. Masters of daggers, their attacks are quick and efficient. Being scholars of anatomy, these soldiers always aim for vital points, focusing on inflicting critical damage.
Psychics wear magical robes, and use soul spheres as their weapons. It is said that soul spheres are formed by absorbing energy from defeated spirits.

Note:: Pengu is the continent in which the realm of Perfect World takes place in.
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Races/Intro to PWI
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